Internet of Things

Internet of Things

“Anything that can be connected, will be connected.”
The Internet of Things (IoT) enables billions of things embedded with sensors to connect via the internet enabling them to collect and exchange data.
These new information networks enable the collection, management and analysis of operational data in ways that have not been possible to date to increase operational efficiency, achieve safety and environmental benefits or enable new services.
Managing distributed networks of critical assets is what we do. Delivering the value from IoT is what we can do together.

Discover AccessTel IOT

IOT an enabler of Intelligent Asset Management

Value of AccessTel IOT

AccessTel provide Secure End to End IOT solutions that enable management of distributed networks of critical assets. These solutions deliver business value to customers through:

Value is derived not from simply a technology solution, but a tailored IoT solution that solves a specific business challenge.
• X% reduction in operational cost
• $Y saving in energy bills
• X% improvement in operational turnaround time

Key Focus Areas

AccessTel provides IoT solutions to industries and customers where management of distributed assets is critical to business operations. This includes:
• Telecommunications operators
• Energy and Utilities (Electricity, Water and Gas)
• Transport Infrastructure
• Public Safety
• Smart Cities
• Logistics and Supply Chain
• Agriculture

End to end solution

Use Cases
• Diesel Fuel Management
• Site Energy Management
• Diesel Generator Feed-In
• Power and Environmental Data